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Day trading guide by money guru for 22-24

About nifty around 50,70 DMA is placed a trade is good for long and short terms. F&O expiry is coming and showing negative with the technical negative indication. My RSI, Money Flow, MACD - going southwards it's shown calculation short term points view for traders.
Stock pick by Digital money guru  ---
Icici bank - as per average and volume RSI in short term going range to 315.
Grasim -  money flow and macd showing positive upgoing with 60-80 points
Acc - with head and shoulder pattern suggest hold gain above 52 week high..
PSU bank - SBI is my favorite, BUY it who wait for 3 months.
Bajaj finserve - tech point is shown BOOK SOME PROFIT….alert
Hcl and Wipro - wait and watch for DOLLAR

Tech positive on DLF, STRIDE, IFCI, BEML
Negative on VGuard, TVS motor, BHEL, Gail
Aptech, Infosys, Adlabs, Bafna pharma, UB holding
(please concern with BROKER before transacct)
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SMART Investment Trend by Money guru for 21-26

In this week, we face market up-down with lot of trendy news.
As a investor i wait for good times for  investment below NIFTY going below 10000-9500.
In this market for long term investor don't see risk reward level for earning more double.
This stage assume and analytics with liquidity extend support trend in market.
Flow of DII like mutual fund increasing at support level but FII draw some amount from market. With global appetite and local appetite market going different way.
In earning cut from corporate world its fear for  long term investor and also bad for market. retail investor wait for who magically invest in large like goldman or any big bull. 
Tough time for  some sector with ghost named GST, after demonetization every company carry affected balance sheet to market, with result investor not looking good face.
With Money guru, i see improvement and hope for  cyclical IT sector.

Benefit and disadvantage of Digital payments

with Modi wave common man making digital surfing for  every transaction involve in normal life. after demonetization common suffering with lots of misunderstanding  with payment system. 
With money guru we some follow step for safe mode of digitalization : 
First, choose proper wallet services - after demonetization wallet services charge some fees on transaction to improve quality.
Second, don't share your detail like CVV, OTP  for online shopping OR transaction. some cases are going with fraud system, beware from them. suppose you trap in informs immediately to  card service provider OR bank admin. they mange all point for refund your money. ( read refund policy and term of service providers)
Third, different offers attract you for shopping , please check portal for making payment connects with that offer.

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Infosys crack down from 1100 to 870

Infosys crack down from 1100 - 923 - 870 with sell behave in investor like short and long-term with scene SIKKA exist as a CEO. 😞
with last entry when I see 874 sold 44916 qty share b end of the day.
in Open interest change positive by 9%. it's going down by target 770.😁
We aware about Sikka exit from Infosys, this is bad news for the trader who plays trade on Magin or contract basis.
Market value down by 13% of the portfolio of my dearest friends, they had intelligent thought for Infosys gives range 970-1197.
Board member of Infosys impress Investor under governance of Sikka, 😧
Some analyst intervied on Market show, after appont CEO SIKKA some investor not happy with work style. Cause he is from US valley and his strategy work like US employee body.
About founder MURTHY, said by V Balkrishanan " He don’t arise any issue against Sikka and his work ability. Bust some media raise rumor help to crack market value of Infosys.
Investor waits and watched for investigators report who re…

For SaaS Industry Difficult for Stand as no. 1 in Competitive Market

There is no longer any doubt that Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions have become the preferred method for organizations of all sizes to acquire business applications to satisfy their escalating customer and end-user demands while keeping pace with intensifying competitive pressures.
But, the SaaS industry and its growing legion of enterprise customers are falling into the same software development and implementation traps that derailed the previous generation of on-premise, perpetual license ISVs who the leading SaaS vendors successfully disrupted over the past decade.
Gartner latest forecasts estimate that SaaS revenue worldwide will increase 20.1% in 2017, and jump from $46.3 billion at the end of this year to $75.7 billion by yearend 2020. Gartner says, “…more than 50 percent of new 2017 large-enterprise North American application adoptions will be composed of SaaS or other forms of cloud-based solutions."
Corporate software acquisition preferences and policies have dramatica…

Record Soybean Crop Supports Brazil Real as FOB and Futures Diverge - Bloomberg

Brazil’s 12-month trade balance set a record in May, and exports from a booming soybean crop have played a major role in the gains. The strong trade balance has in turn boosted Brazil’s real, and that carries a trickle-down effect on prices because soybean exports are quoted in dollars.
Brazil, Argentina and the U.S. together produce about 90 percent of the world’s soybeans. Export prices from all three have tended to move together. And even with the surging crop and record inventories globally, forecasters say the supply isn’t expected to meet the world’s demand.
“Demand is just silly good,” Dale Durchholz, senior market analyst at AgriVisor, said in May. “The world economy is improving, and as incomes rise, consumers demand more meat, dairy and eggs. Traders have underestimated demand while focusing on the big supply.”
The Issue
Global soybean prices fell on May 17 after news of a new political scandal in Brazil. Soybean prices have continued to move together since then, including free-…

the Money is Easy prove after Neustar’s 2017 Worldwide DDoS Attacks

Counting on the ethics of an attacker is a very bad strategy for DDoS mitigation. 
Based on the analysis in Neustar’s 2017 Worldwide DDoS Attacks and Cyber Insights Research Report, you can expect the level of havoc raised by DDoS attackers to continue soaring.
Consider these statistics from Neustar’s DDoS Security Operations Center 
Comparing Q1’17 to the same period in 2016, mitigations nearly doubledAttack volume was up even higher than last yearMulti-vector attacks more than tripledAverage size of attacks was higher
The rising bandwidth consumed by DDoS attacks is a sign that hackers have incredibly powerful tools, which gives them plenty of “firewood” to start five-alarm blazes all over the internet. The report shows that just 17% of attacks are under a gigabyte in size. 
About half (47%) are between 1 and 20 Gbps. And 28% are over 20 Gbps.
The tools enabling these monster attacks include malware and botnet code targeting DNS vectors, DNSSEC domains and complex TCP SYN flood attacks. W…